Pre Printed Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans

Pre Printed Rocking Horse Woodworking Plans


You guys asked for them, so here they are! Pre-printed plans shipped to your door!

This is the same popular Rocking Horse that you can purchase as a digital download and print yourself, but now printed and shipped to you!

Make the Rocking Horse featured in my YouTube channel!

The horse is 23 inches tall (top of head to floor), and 30 inches long front to back. The seat is 14 inches from the floor. Great for 2 - 3-year-olds.

Recommended Tools (at the very least)

Band Saw (Jigsaw Would Work)



1-inch Drill Bit

Countersink Drill Bit


1/4-inch Rounder-Over Router Bit


Spray Fix (Super 77) or Glue Stick

Bill Of Materials

QTY 1: 10-inch W x 96-inch L x 1-inch Hardwood (or similar amount of material)

QTY 1: 1-inch Hardwood Dowel 24 inches long

QTY 1: 3/8-inch Dowel (or sized to match your countersink bit) to cover screws

Wood Glue

Wood Screws

Finish (I used Tung Oil)

I do not offer dimensional drawings, just full-scale drawings to transfer onto your wood.

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