If you have an interest in woodworking but lack the space or proper machinery to fully enjoy the craft at home, join our membership program. We offer nights and weekend access to the woodshop to skilled hobbyists to build and create at their hearts content!
Email us at
to inquire for more details and arrange for a tour of the shop!

Membership Benefits

  • Save up to 40% on typical rates on wood orders through Rivertown Woodcraft. Orders can arrive twice a week. Wait till we order though (often), and don't pay $55 shipping fee!
  • Monthly meet up with other members and prospective members (2020 may put a wrench in these plans)
  • First come first serve access to our scrap bin. Material that is too small for us to use, is free to take for members! Great for fire pits at home! (the bin is currently full of walnut, white oak and maple)
  • Guided access to a 60x120 3 axis CNC machine
  • Guided access to Festool tools, such as our Domino XL and TS-75 track saw
  • 8 ft clamp rack carrier for gluing up to 4 full size dining room table size glue ups
  • Private locker space for storing personal tools or small materials and projects. (members must provide a lock)
  • Member wood rack
  • Finishing room
  • 3 hp Sawstop table saw, 15-inch helical planer, 8 inch jointer, lathe, miter saw, 25-50 Supermax drum sander, JET Spindle Sander, 10-inch Rikon bandsaw, 14-inch Rikon bandsaw, 15-inch freestanding drill press, 10-inch bench top drill press, clamps



Membership Rates

1 Month Plan: $200 / month

6 Month Plan: $150 / month

12 Month Plan: $100 / month


Email us at to register!


Terms and Agreements

By registering for a Rivertown Woodcraft membership you agree to the following terms and cancellation agreements. Cancellations require an immediate one time fee of 50% of your total remaining term balance beginning with the following month. Monthly autopay is required and will be withdrawn on the first of each month. First month can be prorated upon request. Memberships will auto renew at term end if no cancelation request is made. If you choose to renew, and rates have changed, let us know if you'd like to continue, and we will grandfather you in at your current rate if rates have increased. Members agree to not hold Rivertown Woodcraft responsible in any way for personal loss or injury. Member takes responsibility for any damage caused to Rivertown Woodcraft tools, fixtures, equipment or building during your use. Members are required to provide their own expendable materials, including, but not limited to glue, sandpaper, and varnish. You agree to NOT permitted to bring any other non-member into the woodshop, whether they're working on a project and using tools or not. The woodshop is not to be used any later than 10 pm. Members certify they have not consumed any mind altering substances, legal or not, while on Rivertown Woodcraft property. Premises is monitored by cameras. Members provide consent to be recorded while on premises. Members will not alter, unplug, or otherwise tamper with cameras. Doing so will cause immediate cancellation and removal from Rivertown Woodcraft Membership and be charged the full remaining balance of their membership term. Terms are subject to change anytime and without notice.