This handsome devil is Jim Torrey, Furniture Designer and Owner of Rivertown Woodcraft.

A Passion To Create

For me, creating something from wood that earns a place in your home is an amazing circumstance. Be it a small picture frame or a large table, that trust someone puts into my work, to live and be with that object daily, is terrific.

My love to create only grows stronger each time I see a customers joy when receiving their creation. I started with simple picture frames and wooden housewares, but have grown more comfortable building bespoke furniture. This slow growth has led me here, to creating this website, and now ultimately to expanding into a commercial space and doing it full time. I am truly blessed. 

My Respect For The Resource

All of my wood sources harvest their material right here in the midwest. In fact, a portion of the material I choose to build with comes from sustainable sources in West Michigan. This includes reclaimed material from century old barns, and slab wood milled from tree services removing old, damaged and potential hazardous trees in our communities.

My strive to source more sustainable lumber comes from the constant conflict of my interests. I have a strong passion for creating beautiful objects from these natural resources, but I also have a strong passion for enjoying these very resources outside while in nature. This leads me to actively source lumber that I feel comfortable, confident and okay using and selling to my customers.


Have me Build You Something Beautiful,

Jim Torrey  

Furniture Designer & Owner of Rivertown Woodcraft